How many days per year does your business lose to booze?

Redefine your Drinking Culture and make it PROFITABLE for your business

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Our programs are transforming corporate drinking culture

We focus on...

Respect & Inclusion

We invite everyone into the conversation when it comes to being social - drink in hand and out. This means respecting everybody's decisions and empowering each other to make the right ones.


We instil three things into our smart drinkers: Accountability, Consideration & Reflection. These tools not only build a smarter drinker, but build a smarter human. 

Health & Wellness

Becoming aware of what we drink allows us to show up both mentally and physically for ourselves and our colleagues. Smart Drinking increases productivity and performance, while decreasing presenteeism.  

Steps to Success


Intro Workshop

Benny will come into your office to share his motivations with your team.

Introduce the Smart Drinker lifestyle and how people can begin to redefine their relationship with alcohol on the spot. 

He's delivered workshops for Adobe, Notre Dame University, & Brown Forman - *picture with Denovo Group


Pilot Program

Smart Drinker Bootcamp Pilot Programs run between 8-12 weeks. They are designed to ensure the metrics for your success are recorded. We also provide weekly online facilitation led by a 101 Tokens Leader.


CoDesigning Booze Culture 2.0 

Post pilot you have the option to continue to rollout Bootcamp Programs with staff. Alternatively we run a design workshop to take a deep dive into your company's drinking culture and activate a holistic program to drive peak performance, coupled with increased health and wellbeing. 



"Benny carries his 101 Tokens community ethos into his workshops; the experience is super-engaging, non-judgmental, positive and encouraging.  It's such a good fit with what we're trying to do with our employees, which is to simply give them pause and space to think about how they drink".
—Tim Wallwork - VP APAC at Brown Forman

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