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“Discover the simple tools and techniques that have helped thousands of people around the world redefine their relationship with alcohol.”

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Our programs are transforming corporate drinking culture

We focus on...

Respect & Inclusion

We invite everyone into the conversation when it comes to being social - drink in hand and out. This means respecting everybody's decisions and empowering each other to make the right ones.


We instil three things into our smart drinkers: Accountability, Consideration & Reflection. These tools not only build a smarter drinker, but build a smarter human. 

Health & Wellness

Becoming a aware of what we drink allows us to show up both mentally and physically for ourselves and our colleagues. Smart Drinking increases productivity and performance, while decreasing presenteeism.  


Talks & Workshops

Forum style talks with Q&As to help staff identify goals and introduce smart drinking strategies to meet them.

We've worked with Academy XI, Notre Dame University, & Brown Forman


Bootcamps & Retreats

Interacting in mastermind style groups, we'll come to your office or take you into the outdoors to create a holistic transformational event. 

We've worked with the Baby Bathwater Institute 


CoDesigning            your new culture 

Using systems thinking and internal sprint workshopping we create a  bespoke ecosystem where relationships with alcohol are redefined to foster inclusion and collaboration.

"Benny carries his 101 Tokens community ethos into his workshops; the experience is super-engaging, non-judgmental, positive and encouraging.  It's such a good fit with what we're trying to do with our employees, which is to simply give them pause and space to think about how they drink".
—Tim Wallwork - VP APAC at Brown Forman

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