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Tired of the same old drinking routines that you find yourself in week after week? 

We call it the


We get it and have felt your pain.  

After three years of fine tuning the process on how to become a smart drinker, Benny and the 101 Tokens team have developed this fast track bootcamp to take you in four weeks from the above to:


Check out the benefits, a few cheeky testimonials and what's inside below.

And literally ask yourself, can you afford not to make the change today for yourself and those you care about most?


The Benefits

Save Cash

The average person who takes on the 101 Tokens lifestyle saves $250 per month = $3k a year. 

Some save $250 a week = $12k a year. 


Better Nights Out

We love drinking! There's just a better way that suits you and your body.

We give you the tools and confidence to say no, have a few drinks; or get stuck into a full night out and be happy with your decision. 

Quality Time

All we really want is more quality time. As a result of smart drinking you will have less wasted nights, less hangovers and less brain fog. 

Freeing up quality time to become healthier, try new skills and go on more adventures.


Win & Grin

People living the 101 Lifestyle have found their dream jobs, excelled at study and started side-businesses. 

You might want to change the world or simply have more quality time with your kids - 101 Tokens is the catalyst to achieve your goals.

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"Drinking is not my entire life, but football is. It's at the very core of me and [101Tokens] helped me find that. I'm 22 and I've already lived my dream"

Katie Mishner
Professional Football Journalist

"I really like the way you've called it the mindful approach I think thats really important not to put people off and for people to really be a part of it"

Karl Stefanovic
The Today Show

"Loving the course. As soon as you think about having a beer or a wine you refer back to the very first project that we did. Finding THE WHY - It sounds simple and easy, but that has been the game-changer for achieving my goals. "

Nick Maison
Digital Marketing Entrepreneur

"When at home we often talk about our strategy, our plans and our targets for each month. We find it much easier when we are out if both of us are not using a token."

Marty and Talya Trembath
Husband and Wife Team

"I was amazed at (without sounding preachy) the physical results from being able to train at full capacity to a schedule every day and; the ability for the mind to function so much more clearly when you’re tipple free."

Ross Ashman
Media Executive

What's inside the Bootcamp

These four workshops will take your from stuck in your usual habits, to on your way to becoming the drinker you want to be.

1) Why?

Learn to understand Why you Drink and Why you truly want to change your habits. 

You will learn to:

  • Understand WHY you drink
  • Define and redefine an unbreakable WHY
  • Discovering WHO your WHY is for as your driving force
  • Engrain your WHY into your life to setup for success
2) The Mirror 

Reflect and understand who are you as a drinker and who you want to be 

You will learnt to:

  • Commit to honesty and integrity through the journey
  • Identify, understand and optimise your drinking traits
  • Visualise your win like an Olympic champion
3) Token Tools 

Implement the strategies and techniques that have helped thousands around the world become smart drinkers 

You will learn to:

  • Use intention setting and situational resiliency
  • Reflect on a night out for continual improvement
  • Identify better alternatives to your current routine
  • Utilise the range of 101 resources when needed
4) Launch 

Time to lock in your token challenge! Identifying which nights we absolutely can't miss and some of the ones that are easier to shift you will be feeling great about your decision and have a new found strength. 

You will learn to:

  • Be fully prepared for taking on the challenge
  • Use honest strategies to improve your social life
  • Navigate situations with not-so-supportive friends, family and colleagues

Packages in Aussie Dollars



12x Monthly Payments

Immediate Bootcamp User Profile and Access

4x Smart Drinker 'Ready to Launch' Workshops

2x Progress Follow up Workshops

Bonus Workshops with Experts

Access to Private FB Group with Q&A's and bonuses (12 month membership)




One off Payment (Save 30%)

Immediate Bootcamp User Profile and Access

4x Smart Drinker 'Ready to Launch' Workshops

2x Progress Follow up Workshops

Bonus Workshops with Experts

Access to Private FB Group with Q&A's and bonuses (12 month membership)




RRP $2,197 (Save 54%)

All the Bootcamp Goods

4x Group Workshop Calls for accountability and Progress tracking 

2x Follow up Workshop calls

1x Post Mastermind individual call with Benny



Meet The 101 Tokens Team

Benny Wallington

101 Tokens Creator and Peak Performance Coach

Benny created the 101 Tokens lifestyle to simply drink less and live more. In 2016 he cut his drinking in half, ran a charity football project and saved $8k. In 2017, he invited 90 people to join him. In 2018, thousands from across the world signed up. With almost three years of Token learnings and a super-charged program, he invites you to take control of your drinking habits and your life. 

He is also an accredited coach with global leaders in Peak Performance - the Flow Genome Project.

Clinton Schultz

Registered Psychologist & Sobah Brewery Founder

Clinton is a pioneer in the mindful drinking space having brewed and distributed Australia's first indigenous non-alcoholic beer - Sobah. His other talents lie in organisational and health psychology. Having worked in and around booze for 10+ years makes him the perfect professional advisor for the 101 Tokens Accelerator Program.

Sara Rickards

Full- time Fuckgiver & Part-time Mermaid

Sara is a sustainability leader, TED speaker and biomedical scientist . She maximises human potential; guiding people on finding their purpose by asking one question - What do you give a fuck about? Sara will be showing us how to convert our old boozing down-time into smiling more and living more purposeful lives.

Brett Robbo

Elite Performance Coach & Breathwork Specialist

Brett is a dude. He's a former professional athlete, Sprints and Jumps Coach. Performance Therapist and host of internationally renowned Podcast - Your Life Of Impact. He's driven by passion, and inspired by peak human performance. Brett will be letting us in on his mindset training secrets and breathing techniques.

Dan Kurlapski

Bucket List Specialist & Mindset Coach

After high profile physio roles at some of Australia's biggest sporting clubs, Dan's passion for optimising output saw the creation of the Yes& movement - Turning one's thought and ambition into action. Last year, Dan learnt 52 new skills in 52 weeks, he will draw on these experiences to help us drive new habits, passions and tick off that bucket list.

Tim Locke

Ultra Marathon Athlete & Running Coach

A casual invite for a Friday run in 2013 turned into a passion that Tim now dedicates his work, life and travel to. Training new runners attempting their first distance event right up to Ultra-marathon athletes, Tim will be teaching us mental resilience and how you can turn a passion into a career with the right tools and mindset.

Stephanie Dickinson

Meditation and Mindset Specialist

Stephanie discovered firsthand that by nourishing her soul and going within, she had so much more to offer - untapped reservoirs of energy just waiting to spill over. Now she helps everyone from 7-figure executives to Olympic athletes, fulfil their purpose and reach their highest potential through meditation and mindfulness training.

Kate Nelson

Plastic Free Mermaid and Activist

Kate is a water woman magical mermaid yogi goddess and has been disposable plastic free for almost ten years now. She travels the world teaching us how to be more mindful when it comes to our pastic consumption. She'll guide us on delicious healthy foods, empowerment to follow your passions and how to travel the world with a constant smile.

Pete Clarke

Mixologist and Spirits Distiller

Pete has over ten years of bar experience, part-owner of boutique cocktail bar Toto on the Central Coast and is the head of spirits at the world's most awarded coffee spirits company Onyx Coffee Spirits. Pete will be mixing us up everything from full-strength delights through to conscious cocktails that lose none of the appeal or flavour.

Alicia Stanhope

Clinical and Functional Nutritionist

Alicia’s vibe is all about using food as medicine and nourishing the body from the inside out. She has a big focus on the mind body connection and is passionate about educating and empowering people to restore and revive their health. Alicia will be teaching the 101tokens crew how to nourish the body pre and post their mindful drinking sessions through our new-wave boozetrition workshops.

Frequently Asked Questions

- Unlimited access to our Smart Drinker Bootcamp.

- All the bootcamp modules to get you prep'd to kickoff your challenge.

- Our growing community of supportive humans from around the world who can be accessed through our private facebook page.

You will receive all of the course information into your inbox.

You will also have access to our private facebook groups to ensure you get the most out of your journey and can ask any questions.

The bonus modules from the experts will also be rolled out over time.

Mindful drinking is not giving up Booze! We love a drink.

Put simply -

It's drinking with intention,

It's accountability and consideration over sobriety.

Accountability for your actions - past, present and future. 

Consideration for yourself and those most important to you. 

 We're ambitious. So while we give away a lot of time, content and keep our app free, we also have big plans to expand 101 Token.  Your money will go towards our plans to change the drinking world and the more people committed, the more money we can inject on getting there faster. 

We've also found that people need incentive - Giving things away for free is great sometimes. But other times, you need a nudge. Putting your money where your mouth is is certainly a motivator.

We recommend you do all of the course modules to become a smart drinker faster.

However if you miss one or have to go back and do it at a later date, that is fine. 

You will also find the quick start intro video fantastic if you need to dive straight in and just want a quick overview. 

All of the bonus modules are optional, but we love them and the experts so definitely check them out, when you get a chance. 

We recommend you do 2 a week but it's your choice.

More important than drinking less, is drinking smart. So even people who drink 2 or less times a week, will get the value from the Tokens lifestyle. 

This is a pro-choice movement so if you would like to have more tokens go for it. 

The most important thing is that you will be Proud of your token number. And are striving towards 'yays' - meaning the night was worth it! 


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Looking forward to having you work with us. But if you've got any questions. Hit us up at [email protected]


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