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Resetting your Tokens Account

101 tokens new year reset Jan 01, 2019

Many people have asked how to start a fresh account so you can reset. Here is the simplest process.

1) log out
2) signup again with your same email. Except add +1. E.g. from '[email protected]' to  '[email protected]'
3) You will have a new account ready to roll.

Note: If you want to see your old tokens they will always be back in your old account with your usual email and password.

You will still recieve emails to your usual account.

This is still a work in progress for a smoother process. So hope we can upgrade it when resources become available, with shorter challenges, more features and more flexibilty for you all to achieve your goals.

P.s if you wake up with any overwhelm about taking on the challenge and need more support, please email [email protected] We have more options now 😎

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