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The Year of the Picnic - Megan's Ritual


Sometimes I dislike work. Even though I know it's what I love doing. 

And that's just purely my mind and body telling me something is out of alignment. 

Go for a surf, free-write all of my thoughts down on a page, do a breathwork session ( I'm really enjoying in between chill and holotropic - Like Wim Hoff, which is a bit gnarly for me) Msg me if you want a link to the one I'm doing at the moment. 

I've felt flat at points this week but the majority of the time I've been flying. 

Creating workshops, which I love to do. Individual coaching and online group sessions have been super rad. 

Lots of cool insights - I learn as much from you guys as you do from me. 

And none more so than this banger from our Token Crew member Megan.


We were talking about what she was going to focus on this year and she said she'd declared 2020 'The year of the picnic' 

This was an instant smile for me and I wanted to learn more...

But let me backtrack a little. 

When I talk about alignment and finding Flow, where we start is with these six things:

- Connection
- Mindfulness
- Nutrition
- Movement 
- Recovery
- Sleep

They are the baselines you can check in on if you feel low and can't put a finger on it. 

Just simply give yourself out of 5 and it may point to a solution straight away.

These are all things to practice too and when Megan said the year of the Picnic, and started to explain it became clear that this was genius. 

And here's why - 

Having a regular event your look forward to is really powerful. In this case Megan is aiming to do it monthly.

And especially if it becomes a ritual. 

And doubley-especially if you can practice the above 6 things.


A picnic with friends is great, relaxed space for flowing conversation. Also, don't count out a picnic for one and the connection to  ourselves and nature- which many of us forget to do through the week. 

Which leads us into:


If having that picnic for one a great opportunity to spend some time in silence. 

With a group, the simple act of having gratitude for the meal and each other. And to some it may sound lame, but have a crack at going round in a circle with one thing you're grateful for and see what happens (increased connection and froth levels, that's what.)

You can even go for a cheeky collaborative meditation. PS. I have nil training in leading meditations but occasionally I have a go with my partner and make sh*t up.

I'd say a stack of meditation teachers do the same. 

They step off with an idea or direction in mind and just go where it feels like it needs to.  


Everybody brings something they like, no risk of not having good food and they probably go the extra mile so you're getting super rad stuff. 

Don't forget a cheeky wine or beer. But as I say with changing relationships with Booze or any vice - it should never be the focus of the event. in Megan's case, even though she loves good quality wine - some of the picnics don't even feature drinking. 

What does that tell you about the priorities for these gatherings? 


Well assumedly you had to at least walk across the field ;) But this is a great opportunity for people to share what they've been learning. From Chi Gong to yoga to acro yoga (don't try that unless you know what you're doing)

Getting out of your head and into your body is an age-old practice for a well-balanced life. 


The whole event should be recovery really

So don't invite someone who's an energy vampire even if you feel obliged. 

It's a time to leave the tension of worklife behind and spend it in engagement with the self and those you love. The above activities are examples of active recovery.

Passive recovery is couch and netflix. 

Bring something comfortable but leave netflix and your phone at home too. 


This isn't top of mind at a picnic, but how good is a little kip in nature. Nobody will care if you take a moment to sleep. Just make sure animals and kids are sorted ;) 

Megan also mentioned that the great things about picnics are that they can be transient. 

You can set a time and people can come and go as they please. 

Which is an important point about the beauty of this practice. 

Make sure everyone knows that while there aren't a lot of rules, there are a few that make it a ritual for you. 

So I ask you.

What's your 'The Year of the (insert thing)' 

Mine is 'Vice Optimisation'... Which is something I've been playing with, but this year it's the core of my focus and all 6 baselines fit in beautifully.  

Thanks to Megan for this insight and looking forward to more ritual insights from the Token Crew in 2020. 




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