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New Look 101 Tokens in 2019

Welcome to 2019,

I’m pumped for this year and how we will be connecting more!

This is a bit of a long message to let you in on everything, so bear with us on this one because there's a lot of froth to unpack. 

Core Topics:

  • 101 Tokens beyond Alcohol
  • Become a 101 Tokens Patron (supporter)
  • SIgn up to join our free workshop this Friday
  • Information on our new bootcamps and training options

101 Tokens is expanding on our Vices! 

This is my fourth year doing 101 Tokens and I’m still learning. 

The original idea started out as 101 Beer tokens, but we cut it back because 

1) Not everyone likes beer ;) and 

2) People use our 101 Tokens app and processes for other vices.

To give you a quick snapshot: 

In 2016 and 2017 I focused on alcohol.

But in 2018 I started to apply the mindful Drinking approach to my other vices.

I managed to hack my Meat Consumption down to under twice a week and also shift my plastic and clothing habits. 


I believe we can all have such a powerful individual impact on our health and wellbeing as well as that of the planet and you guys are already doing it! 

You've probably noticed with your changes in drinking, you're eating less sh*t food and watching less useless television, maybe even hitting those fitness goals ;)

So the shift you will see in these emails and on the facebook page will be more guidance on how we can change a variety of our habits and who we can learn from! 

In all honesty, I love to chat about booze, but to keep it fresh and full of froth this is the way forward.

Please note: We will still focus on Alcohol, but expect a wider range of topics – 

Also, if you have a vice you’d like us to investigate, please send me an email and we could even explore it together :)

You can become a 101 Tokens Patron (Supporter)

We had some super generous people reach out in 2018 who use the free app to donate us some money to say thanks – which we put into scholarships for online training. 

As you all know the app will continue to always be free, but it’s not cheap to maintain and continue to build on, so I figured this way people can give what they want in return for:

1) Helpers High: AKA Contributing to making your app better for you and the rest of the community 
2) Access to the private facebook group
2) Some other Supporter only benefits - more info to come.  

FYI – You guys who are already in the facebook group will get free access forever because you were an original supporter. 

If you’re not in there yet and want to, you will have till the end of January to jump in.  Feel free to invite your friends and family as this will extend to them also. 

TO explain PATREON: It is a service that allows you to support things you believe in, without their needing to be an online store etc. 

I personally support two people who I know are changing the world for the better in Sam Harris (With his Waking Up podast and meditation app) and Douglas Rushkoff (With his Team Human Podcast and journalism/ activism). 

So rather than sending us money and cheques (which we do appreciate) just subscribe to Patreon with as little or as much as you like. 

Memberships start at $1 USD and go up from there


Join our Free Workshop on ’Why’ you want to change your habits this year…

‘I want to drink less’ is NOT a powerful motivator for change. A Strong Why DEFINITELY IS.

So I’ll be running a free online workshop on defining an Unbreakable Why - Feel free to join and ask questions and if you miss it, I’ll send it to you on replay. Sign up here.

In under an hour you will learn to:

  • Understand WHY you drink
  • Define an unbreakable WHY
  • Discover WHO your WHY is for as your driving force for change
  • Engrain your WHY into your life to setup for success

If your New Years Resolution was to change any of your habits, I can tell you that alcohol is a catalyst shift that can affect far beyond. AKA. The top three habit changes are:
  • Get Fit

  • Save cash

  • More quality time with those you love
Ever since we’ve done the 101 Tokens lifestyle, people have been hitting these each year and much more through simple mindful drinking techniques.


Our Programs:

If you need extra support to shift your habits. Don’t be afraid to reach out. But, know that you will need to invest in your transformation.

You can work with us with our online ‘Smart Drinker Bootcamp’ or call me to discuss joining a ‘group mastermind’ or ‘One on One Coaching’. 

Note: There is no pressure for any of these. 

Some of you are better at staying motivated via the app. Some of you just want to level-up from where you are. Others are lost in the dark and need a helping hand. 

FYI - I'm leveling up every day with every token I use and every token I chose not to use. 

As I mentioned at the top, any questions about the above. Please send me an email. 

I'm looking forward to the next 101 Tokens chapter with you all and meeting more of you in person along the way. 



Thanks again!



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