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Make it a Double: How to Level-up your Best Whiskey and Jazz Life...

Why do we settle for good?

How are you? Good….

How’s the weather? Good

How was last night? Good…

Fuck ‘good’

I was on a coaching call with one of my clients (we call them jam sessions) and if you’re unfamiliar with the concept of 101 Tokens…

The basics are: Every time you go out drinking, the next morning you ask yourself one question…

‘Was it worth it?’

You can write it in a diary, but most prefer to use our free 101 Tokens App.

You have two options — Yay or Nay.

When you hit Yays that’s great, you’re doing it right.

When you hit Nays that’s great too, because you’re one of the few who actually come to terms with whole-heartedly admitting they screwed up...

And your reward is the clarity and space for improvement.


When I’m coaching, all I’m trying to do is guide to a place where their drinking aligns to them being the best human they can be.

Some sticklers will say, that nothing good comes of any alcohol.

Which 1. Is wrong

And 2. Cool for you, but for those of us in the 101 Tokens Crew, we love a drink and would rather aim up for becoming smart drinkers and clocking Double Yays over abstinence.

So when my client said ‘Saturday night was a Double Yay!’.

I said ‘fuck yes- tell me more’.

How to Double Yay

Technically you can’t do it on the app. But you can damn-well talk about it.

One core part of becoming a smart drinker is the ability to dissect a night and plan accordingly the next time.

We call it ‘The Four Pillars of a Great Night’ — AKA Not a "Good" Night


You can see how screwing up any one of these four things could bring you undone.

You didn’t eat enough food during the session, drank cheap tequila, that Derrick turned up and he’s such a Derrick.

Or quite simply, there are those bars that you know if you go in, shit makes it way towards and the explodes all over the fan.

And while it's fun for a moment, you know that the next day you will have to get a cleaner, as that shit takes ages to clean it off the carpet.

For a regular Yay, you need a pretty solid run for all four.  Which includes bouncing back the way you intended the next day, and well clear of guilt and despair.

The Tokens process is subjective, but you can usually work out where it goes wrong.

In this legendary case, it went so right that was considered a Double YAY.

The long and the short of his night out:

Food: A full course dinner at a 'new' restaurant. The priority of being at the restaurant was to enjoy the meal and the social connection. It’s important to put those things first. Booze comes down the pecking order. 

Drinks: But don’t forget them! It was quality wine over dinner with a good pre-drinks hydration routine in place too. When they arrived at the party post-dinner, it was good quality scotch.

This is crucial to ritual. 

When you’re pumping shit drinks in you’re not showing respect to something which in a lot of crazy religions and groups was sacred. 

So no wonder it likes to kick your arse when you treat it wrong. 

People: A reunion of great friends who’ve grown together even though they’ve lived apart for many years. 

It also included others, in good spirits, on a lively dance floor that added to the occasion.

Location(s): The Jazz bar with said dance-floor. Live, quality music that can drop you into the moment and some people to bust moves with.

You know you feed off the froth (joy and excitement) of others, so a great jazz band is probably the ultimate in a frothy time.  

I talk about hacking tipsy, to stay in that golden zone between drunk and sober, and this is one of those occasions when it came off beautifully.

The intention was connection: quality food, drinks, laughs and dancing. 

With a reasonable exit time and strategy for sleep the 'cherry on top' the martini. 

Imagine, just imagine if we spent a little time thinking about how our nights could be ‘Double Yays’?

Well, guess what!?!

You can.

Here’s the steps:

1) Sit down with a clear 5-10mins blocked out. Pen and paper or phone... Breath in and transport back to your favourite night out ever.

2) Write the title, Dissect it using the above 4 pillars as reference.

3) If that night was a 10. What does an 11 look-like.

The idea isn’t to aim so high that you’re continually disappointed, we can’t all fly back to the island in Fiji this weekend, but we can be more conscious about the four pillars that come together to make your nights unforgettable — 

Or Double Yays as they will forever be known.

So this weekend ask yourself:

Who, What, Where and How can you recreate your whiskey and jazz? And how can you make it a double?

Photo by Josh Applegate http://www.joshuapaul.photography/



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