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Don't Try to Drink Less in January

Jan 02, 2020

We’ve all quit New Years Resolutions within the first month, some within the first few days. You should spend the first part of your year observing the behavior you wish to change and from that place of understanding, go to work on it.

For an entire month before committing to the challenge for taking control of your drinking, simply observe and reflect. You can apply this process to all of those habits that are blocking your potential.

It’s usually around the 10 percent mark of all new year resolutions set. Rather than try to drink less in January, observe your habits and then do the real work in February and beyond.

The problem with habit change is that we’re not wholly aware of our habits and the trends to begin. Employing a self-reflection technique is crucial to new year resolutions success.

To see the full article on New Years Resolution Tips visit this Link.

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