101 Tokens App - How to Guide

token crew stories Feb 08, 2018

While we work on getting this built into the app. Here's a rundown on how to use the 101 Tokens app.

Because instruction guides are boring. We'll use Tony as an example for getting setup...

Meet Tony!


Tony signs up for 101 Tokens.

He then signs in to 101 Tokens on the 2nd of Feb.

He went out on the 1st of Feb for a few drinks and a dance with his friends.

Tony needs to add this token in.

He is also planning a few nights out next week so will also add a few future tokens.

This way he can see when he is planning to go out this month to keep track.

Tony is a great guy, but just wants to cut-back on the excessive boozing.

Go Tony!


20% Complete

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