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A Performance Coach, Doctor and Ex-Athlete, in that order :)


beepbreath in action with some of our favourite coaches and teams

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10 Day Better Breathing Challenge

Join us as we challenge ourselves to 10 Days of Breathing Better. Kicking off mid- January, we'll be casting a curious eye over our progress both breathwise and in our everyday lives. 


- Daily live coaching sessions
- A how-to manual for effective breathing
- Access to our Breath Gym

- Control stress response 
- Unlocking the power of the breath
- Daily mood improvement (most likely flat to frothing) 

Wanna come play?

Who we are?

Rob Gronbeck

Rob finds flow through playing video games (as a competitive Tetris e-athlete), sports (beach volleyball), and music (dancing, drumming or singing).  

He founded the Brain Room for professionals and organisations wanting to level up their performance and well-being to tune into their breath more deeply, and more often. He has an honours in Psychology and has coached top athletes and professionals in over 7000 training sessions for the brain. He is an accredited Peak Performance coach with the Flow Genome Project and holds a Guinness World Record for fire breathing.
His top Beepbreath score is 24:18:16

Benny Wallington

Benny's work embodies the idea that life's one big party / experiment. He founded 101 Tokens which has helped thousands around the world change their relationship with drinking through a process called Vice Optimisation. He believes we can have our cake and vino too.

He is also an accredited Peak Performance Coach with the Flow Genome Project, is a keen surfer and has trained in underwater Breath Enhancement Training.
His top Beepbreath score is 21:14:05. He is moderately pissed off that Rob is so far ahead.

The legend of FrothBear

Together Benny and Rob are know as Team Frothbear.
Smarter than the average Frother, Frothier than the average Bear. 
To learn more about the legend of FrothBear and how to breath better, join our mailing / breathing list.

*10 minutes is finishing Beepbreath - Level 17 . That's pretty special. See if you can go past 10mins and and you're on your way to Lung Wizardry!