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101 Tokens has collaborated with health professionals to develop an online program that empowers you to become the drinker that you want to be. With a no-bullshit approach, we will guide you to define WHY you want to change and the steps to make it happen.



Our 101 Tokens coaches are here to guide you through our transformation program. This is where our best results are received. 

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Business Programs

101 Tokens provide programs for businesses across the globe. We assess your current setup and work with you to transform your business culture in order to thrive. 

In a nutshell: Less Mondayitis,
more happy clients


It's cool, that we were on the news.

It's cooler that we're helping people build happier, wealthier & healthier lives. 



The simple tactics helping thousands shift their drinking habits

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1. The Tokens App

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1. Pick a Vice 

2. Enjoy the Vice!
Congratulations, you've spent 'One Token'

3. The morning after 'truthfully' ask yourself:
'Was it worth it?'

4. 'Yay' - Keep on rollin' partner.
     'Nay' - All good! You've identified something to work on

5. Repeat steps 2-4. 


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