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"Working with Benny, I'm not just a smart drinker, this is Ben 2.0"


" I’m currently 2.5 months in and well below my tokens useage and am loving the change in my drinking habits! – From an every day drinker (though not pissed every night) I’m right down to less than 1 session a week and the most refreshing thing is my complete mindset change. I love going out and having a few with my mates but have miraculously started to relish the nights at home without having a beer, enjoying a much better sleep and feeling great when I wake up the next day. I’ve tried abstinence before and it doesn’t work for me but something in your system makes me realise that 101 tokens a year to have a drink doesn’t make isn’t too restrictive – At 48 years old I wish I’d have discovered it 20 years ago! Anyway enough of me talking bollocks – I just wanted to let you know people appreciate what you are doing and there are no doubt 1000s of others like me who are seeing real changes but don’t have time (or don’t make time??) to get more involved or to let you know that your system is bloody awesome. "


"I now get one to two days a week back to work on my businesses"


"101 Tokens let me sit with my shit. "


"I walked into the bottleshop and stood looking at the beers. I'd normally have just grabbed a 6 pack and thought nothing of it. That night I set my intention and drinking wasn't going to make it a better one so I walked back out. The following week I went out with friends and had my first double yay. "


"Benny helped me change my drinking habits so I had a clearer head and voice at work. Kicked the cigarettes while I was at it too. "


"Thanks for all that you are doing - I'm right there with you on your philosophy. I think though that my favorite line of the night was when you were talking about mindful drinking: that at the bar instead of maybe having twelve beers you'd stick to six. You are my kind of man! I really appreciate how you keep this approach to drinking real, all while bringing awareness to it."


"I have for sure been spreading the 101 gospel in Ireland! The joke in the office when I am off to a nice event is the question: “So you’ll be spending a token, then?...” I certainly spent a token yesterday at the Ireland v All Blacks game in Dublin! We won for the first time on home soil. A fantastic feat! "


"My relationship split up in mid-November 2018 and suddenly I found myself living alone with lots of time on my hands. Your system kept me sane when at times all I wanted to do was open the fridge and start pouring alcohol down my throat to numb what was going on in my life. I had to be accountable. I had to chart my drinking and being competitive and challenging myself about succeeding, failure was not an option Sure I had stumbles. There was one memorable night in the Qantas Club stranded by myself for 2.5 hours where I proceeded to tip as many G&T’s down my throat as I could….. Got on the plane and felt awful, it was late, I was overtired and now pissed as well. Later as we landed I thought to myself…. What did I do that for….? I am a social drinker, I never drink by myself. It was boredom and a sense of entitlement that made me do it. A BIG NAY for that one. Funnily enough a couple of months later I was back in said Qantas Club and had a crew of colleagues around me all waiting for departing flights. I still had a few G&T’s but this was a totally different experience and I managed my drinking in a social setting which to me is the essence of why I choose to relax and have a drink with people I care about. YAY! I am proud to say that on my 1 year anniversary 23/7/2019 I had only used 85 tokens for the last 12 months. I still had 16 up my sleeve and I was incredibly proud of my achievement. "


"Forget FebFast, Try 101 Tokens this year"


》For anyone who wants to rewrite their drinking story - starting today!

》Includes video guides and a simple self-assessment tracker

Self paced, no due dates

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The Course

A commitment to YOU to change your drinking game.
The first four weeks are dedicated to observation. And once you've watched yourself rip as well as perhaps the odd slip ;) you're ready for the next four when the real run begins as you begin your 101 Tokens Method™  journey and move into optimisation (nerd word for incremental improvement).  
After the eight weeks, we recommend you set yourself the full 12-month challenge because that's how you get the best results, but you can simply finish there if you're an absolute champion.

The Coach

Introducing Benny Wallington,
Benny started off as a regular pisshead like many before him until one day he lost his job and travel visa.
Deciding that he loved drinking far too much to give it up, he created the 101 Tokens Method™ and in 2016 managed to save $8k, start his own business and get into the best shape of his life.
All while drinking almost twice every week every week. 

In 2017, his friends and family tried it out with similar successes.

In 2018 he took it to the world with thousands of people from 76 different countries trying the method. 

Since then he has been certified as a Peak Performance Coach with the Flow Genome Project and has coached everyone from C-Level Executives to radio presenters, comedians and most recently farmers to become smarter drinkers using the 101 Tokens Method™ accompanied by the Smart Drinker Course. 



5 mins

Welcome to the world of 101 Tokens.
Meet Benny and he will guide you through how to navigate the course.

》Why We Drink (6mins)

》Why do YOU want to change your habits? (14mins)

》Who.do you want to change for? (4mins)

》Your Concrete Why (7mins) 

At the end of this week's workshops, you will have a rock-solid reason for changing your drinking habits. 

At the end of this week's workshops, you will know yourself as a drinker and have a clear vision for the drinker you will become in the not too distant future. 

》The Power of Honesty and Commitment (7mins)

》Your drinking traits (7mins)

》Goodbye to the Alter-ego (14mins)

》Visualisation for Success (12mins) 

At the end of this week's workshops, you will have all the foundational tools for a deeper assessment of your drinking as well as starting to design your drinking sessions for great nights out! 

》Choosing your tools and support (7mins)

》101 Tokens System™ tech Walkthrough  (11mins)

》The Think-Cycle for your Drink-Cycle (14mins)

》The four pillars of a great night (8mins) 

》Token Days Off {TDO's} (5mins)

At the end of this week's workshops, you will be ready to launch into your first four weeks of smart drinking and optimising your habits. Woohoo! 

》Final Check 1,2,3 (5mins)

》Entering your Tokens for optimal results  (11mins)

》Substitute theory and activating your TDO's (6mins)

》Mirror Neurons and the science behind them (5mins) 

》Dealing with friends pushing back (12mins)

At the end of this week's workshops, you will have been in full observation mode for your drinking and will be already sharpening your 'drinking' sword. This will put you into great shape for the upcoming two weeks. 

》Check'n in (6mins)

》How to apply a Growth Mindset  (11mins)

》Hell Yeah vs No (5mins)

》Taking Action and Finishing Strong (6mins) 


Woohoo At the end of this week's workshops you will have completed your first month using the 101 Tokens Method™ recalibrating how you drink and beginning the new story for yourself as a smarter drinker.  

》The Recap and Your Reflection (20mins)

》Your New Pillars  (12mins)

》Habit Hacking and Vice Optimisation (15mins)

》Sign Posting and Setting your Next Challenge (12mins) 



A few extras for you to continue to optimise your life.  

》Iki Gai and Purpose Workshop - A broader look at our why in life from 2017 Token finisher Sara Rickards

》Meditation workshop - for all the time but especially when you need to recalibrate after a big one. Stephanie Dickinson

》Boozetrition - what to drink when drinking or you're a bit hungover. Alicia Stanhope

》Gut Health and Gut-Brain Connection. Brett Robbo




I dedicated the first 14 years of my drinking career to getting blasted and having a blast, until one day I didn't anymore...
I've spent the last six practising how to party in a way that's good for me and those I love. And sharing those practices with people around the world.

Sound like something you need to hear? 

A$47 PM (12 months)


Help a loved one find their way back to partying with purpose. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Access to your own profile. All of the lessons throughout. Bonus sections and you will also be given an extra special gift of Benny's 'Intro to flow' program. Valued at $397. 

We don't tell you how much to drink. It's up to you. All you need to do for the first four weeks is monitor everytime you go out. Naturally, you may start to monitor and shift your behaviours. In the final four, you will select an ideal number of tokens (drinking sessions) to aim for. 

Benny takes on a small number of private coaching clients every quarter. If you are interested in this premium offer, please Click here.

If you do all the work and do not find the results you were after we will gladly refund your money. The support email will be provided. 

We do individual workshops at workplaces and live events.

The smart drinker course can be run live and we have done it with businesses before over an eight week period both live and via zoom. To enquire about this please book a call to discuss. Click Here


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