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101 Tokens Guidelines

Join thousands of people around the world taking control of their drinking habits with these simple steps

1. Select your Token Challenge Time Period

We suggest 10 Weeks (20 Tokens) or 365 Days (101 Tokens)

2. A sip of alcohol is One Token

3. A whole night out drinking is also One Token

4. The day after each token spent, use the 101Tokens App to ask yourself 'WAS IT WORTH IT?'

This is the first step to Retrain your Booze Brain

How Much You can Save with 101 Tokens!

Cash Calculator

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The Essential Tool Kit

We're building a community of smart drinkers with a growing list of additional resources.

Education and Guidance

We don't teach, preach or any other BS. We believe in choice, and guiding you to becoming a smarter drinker through our live workshops and online education resources. 

Expert Access

Get access to our growing group of 101 Tokens experts. In these intro (101) workshops you will learn proven ways to hack drinking habits and learn new skills while you're at it. From meditation for hangovers, booze related food choices and conscious cocktail making - there's something for all tastes.

Community Vibe

Join our growing community on our exclusive facebook groups. If facebook isn't your jam - you will still receive all the information fresh to your inbox. 

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Book a Smart Drinking Workshop

Benny delivers live workshops around the world for students, community groups, corporates and entrepreneurs. Enquire:  [email protected] 


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