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    Transform your Drinking Habits WITHOUT QUITTING or giving up your favourite things

    'The Token Game' (originally 101 Tokens) is a 12 month challenge to transform your relationship to drinking

    while living a happy and healthy life in flow.


    And if you gave it all you had and didn't get what you wanted, we'll happily throw your money back in your face with a smile ;)





    Pissheads Transformed


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    76 Countries

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  • After playing the Token Game

    Some of our favourites from our players + the media.

    Sofia Cagle


    It's given me 1-2 days' worth of productivity back every week. Eric - 29 Serial Entrepreneur

    Sofia Cagle


    I haven’t given up anything that I like, but today, in November 2018, I am 81 lbs lighter and have only used 55 tokens for the whole of this year. Which means I can have a guilt-free drink at Christmas and New Year (woohoo!!!)” Jean - NGO Worker

    Sofia Cagle


    “Loving the Course, as soon as you think about having a beer or a wine you refer back to the first project we did - The Why. It sounds simple and easy, but that’s been the game changer for changing my habits.” Nick - 34 - Digital Entrepreneur

    Sofia Cagle


    "If you're going out, or cut your drinking habits from 3-4 nights (to 1 or 2). You're potentially saving $100 a week, it equates to over 5 grand a year." Jarrod - Interviewed on Channel 9 News about Tokens

    Sofia Cagle


    “The 101 Token Lifestyle allowed me to really sit with my shit. AKA think about my decisions and how they were going to affect my potential and also the potential of the most important people in my life.” Sara – 32 - Systems Designer

    Sofia Cagle


    "Forget Febfast - make it a happy and healthy one[relationship] that you feel completely in control of" - Popsugar

    Sofia Cagle


    “I realised the key driver for me was that I wanted to show up for my twin teenage girls in the best way possible. Every time I go to drink I use the strategies to make sure they align with being the best Dad I can be.” Ben – 48 – Manager Director

    Sofia Cagle


    “Drinking is not my entire life, but football is, it’s at the very core of me and (Tokens) helped me find that. I‘m 22 and have already lived my dream.” Katie - 22 - Professional Football Journalist

    Sofia Cagle


    Being mindful is difficult at first. However the more you do it the easier it gets. I’m using it now in my personal relationships by being “present” rather than having an eye on the phone/tv as my brain is struggling with a hangover. - Tim

    Sofia Cagle


    "I really like the way you've called it the mindful approach I think that's really important not to put people off and for people to be a part of it" - Karl The Today Show

    Sofia Cagle


    My favourite line of the night's workshop was mindful drinking. At the bar instead of having twelve beers you'd stick to six. I really appreciate how you keep this approach to drinking real. Jess

    Sofia Cagle


    I have for sure been spreading the 101 gospel in Ireland! The joke in the office when I am off to a nice event is the question: “So you’ll be spending a token, then?...” I certainly spent a token yesterday at the Ireland v All Blacks game in Dublin! We won for the first time on home soil. A fantastic feat! - Caroline

    Sofia Cagle


    I’ve had 6 or 7 nays..: but learnt from each of them and changed my behaviours. Ive not had a drink for almost 2 weeks, and really looking forward to mindfully having quite a few tmrw for a friends 50th - Clair

    Sofia Cagle


    "Its also about not stopping drinking altogether, just getting it in control for what works for you" - Amanda on ABC Life Matters

    Sofia Cagle


    "Me and three of the other producers are doing it as well, Fox Sports is working hard to build the 'Token' community" - Glenn

    Sofia Cagle


    From an everyday drinker (though not pissed every night) I’m right down to less than 1 session a week and the most refreshing thing is my complete mindset change. I love going out and having a few with my mates but have miraculously started to relish the nights at home without having a beer, enjoying much better sleep and feeling great when I wake up the next day. I’ve tried abstinence before and it doesn’t work for me but something in your system makes me realise that 101 tokens a year to have a drink doesn’t make isn’t too restrictive – At 48 years old I wish I’d have discovered it 20 years ago! - Tony

    Sofia Cagle


    The Tokens kept me sane when at times all I wanted to do was open the fridge and start pouring alcohol down my throat to numb what was going on in my life. I had to be accountable. I had to chart my drinking and being competitive and challenging myself about succeeding, failure was not an option. - Sean

    Sofia Cagle


    My relationship with everything in life, especially alcohol, has been going through an interesting and positive change - Seb

    Sofia Cagle


    I feel stronger and less stressed without the booze but still enjoy it now and again if the situation and company are right. - Emily

    Sofia Cagle


    I’m currently sober and your emails have played a part in that, and I wanted to say thank you so much for what you do. - Cieri

    Sofia Cagle


    I’ve taken plenty of learnings from my tracked behaviour in the last year and whilst it’s not about simply using less tokens in 2020 than I did in 2019, I definitely want to continue to adjust my behaviour to have better balance in my life. - Andrew

    Sofia Cagle


    "Everyone who skips a night on the booze (routine), sub it out for other things which sometimes help you to learn new skills n’ things." AC

    Sofia Cagle


    "By now our friends are used to our token journey and although they sometimes complain that “they are not worth a token” it seems to be fine once people know you won't crack." Talya & Marty

    Sofia Cagle


    "I was amazed at (without sounding preachy) the physical results from being able to train at full capacity to a schedule every day and; the ability for the mind to function so much more clearly when you’re tipple free." Rossco

    Sofia Cagle


    "Usually my work trips to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia end with a drink at the hotel bar looking out over the Twin Towers, however, with the token challenge in full swing I was presented with an excellent opportunity to have a #tokendayoff." - Courtney

    Sofia Cagle


    "February was a month full of token days off. I was in the gym loads, spending more time with my family, baking up a storm in the kitchen and just generally enjoying not having to drink at every occasion that presented itself to me." Bailey

    Sofia Cagle


    "I have realised that I could happily never drink again if it wasn’t for my mates, god bless them. The main reason why I do drink is because of social expectations, the desire to enjoy the company of others and to share an experience together. Don’t get me wrong, I love a cold beer after a fun surf, I love a glass of wine with my girl and I love the taste of a quality rum- but I also enjoy a nice cup of tea too." - Josh

    Sofia Cagle


    "Benny's program has a role in younger people not drinking as much because it's becoming more socially acceptable" Dr Sarah on ABC Life Matters

  • How the Token Game Works


    Spend a Token. You don't need a fucking Crypto wallet either.

    Just a can-do attitude and some guiding principles from the Quick Start Guide.


    Admit you've become a little bit shit

    Not your fault ofc ;) just the nights on the booze have lost a bit of that magic.


    Time to get it back!


    Spend a Token

    Pretty Simple.

    Declare the night a head as a token.


    Let's go!

    Your transformation has already begun.




    The Next day.

    Wake up and enter your Token into our app.

    And answer the all important question.



    (yay or nay)


    Vice Optimisation

    Yay or Nay.

    Every time you spend a token you're getting better.

    Because next time you set your intention for your next token, you carry the learning with you.



  • Cheers Doc!

    Dr Omar said in our feature on Channel 9

    "For people who use the app properly, they are unlikely to be drinking in dangerous ways."


    Keen to invest in your health + the business?


    The simple idea with the potential to support millions to live a healthier, happier, frothier life.

  • Quickstart Guide

    It's pretty good. Some say heaps good.

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    Recieve a Chapter and a few extra bonuses.